Caption for Attending Wedding with Boyfriend for Instagram

60+ Caption for Attending Wedding with Boyfriend for Instagram

When you are attending a wedding with your boyfriend, you are going to take lots of photos together. Now you want to post them on Instagram or any other social media, you need a proper caption for that. We are providing ‘Caption for Attending Wedding with Boyfriend’ here in this guide. 

Caption for Attending Wedding with Boyfriend

These are the best ‘caption for attending wedding with Boyfriend’, use one when you are with your boyfriend and attending an wedding.

  1. “I just wanted to thank you all again for making our day so wonderful. You were such a pleasure to work with and helped make our wedding the best day of our lives!” -Jenny & Kyle
  2. Wedding season has begun! Have you found a wedding sidekick yet? 🕺🏻 #bridesmaids —
  3. Just attended my first wedding since meeting my sweetheart ⭐️ Now to pour myself an Old Fashioned and cuddle up for the night! Have a fun week, friends 😎
  4. Here’s to love, laughter, and warm hugs from someone who just really likes you. 💖 #Wedding #RingOnIt
  5. Excited to celebrate love and life with the people we care about most.
  6. So happy for the lovely couple today at the altar. Just married, off to their life’s next adventure ❤️
  7. My life is a rom-com 💑
  8. Surprised by how much I enjoyed ‘The Greatest Showman,’ a movie I didn’t expect to like at all. Great music and performances (and Zac Efron 😅). Would recommend. #Goingtoa
  9. Let’s pause our blind date 👀and take a look at what’s happening around us. It’s ➡️ so much fun to watch her reaction.👏 Let’s go dance! ……..
  10. I am the type of person that more often than not steals a glance at my boyfriend instead of looking at the ceremony. I don’t know if it is because I love his face or if I am just nervous for him, but I just can’t
  11. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you. We’re perfect together ❤😘
  12. And the feeling that he’s the one continues into our Official Engagement Announcement. #SobbingOnTheFloor #ManOfMyDreams
  13. If he makes you laugh, if he respects your opinions and values, If he can’t stop looking at you, that’s love ❤️ #jusmarried
  14. Kaelynn and Myles are married! Thank you so much to the best photog @jsweddingphoto for taking these 💘
  15. He said he’d never love anyone the way he loved me. And at that moment I had no doubt that he meant it…until yesterday. So I’ll say this, to my ex-fiancé who left me at
  16. This past weekend we got to celebrate the beautiful union of two dear friends with a ridiculously fun bachelorette party! It was a weekend full of love and laughter with my favorite girls, and I am so excited to see them get married on May
  17. Can’t wait to celebrate with you on this milestone weekend! @ddesq.weddings @mattjc.addict
  18. And when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with the person you’re dating 😍
  19. We’re on our way to Kyle’s and April’s wedding. I’ve been so excited for them since they became engaged last month, so this is an especially happy occasion for me. Cannot wait to celebrate with
  20. My idea of a dream come true is to be with you. You’re the love of my life. I’m so glad I found you and I know that together we can make this last forever. ‘Til death do us part. I love
  21. I’m so excited about the wedding. I even brought my plus one 😍. ##
  22. With the feeling of the wedding, falling in love
  23. Excited to celebrate alongside my best friends as they become husband and wife. What a beautiful day 😍 #weddingvibes
  24. The way he looks at me… the way he LOVES me, and I LOVE him in return. The way we begin this journey of forever together as husband and wife. I’m overwhelmed with joy at the thought.
  25. ♡ We just tied the knot 💍🎩👰😍☻…
  26. The only thing more beautiful than a wedding is the invitation to witness one. -Grace Thornton
  27. I’m so happy you’re my #WCW! This is the best day of my life.
  28. As excited to be here today as I am of this day 8 years ago this morning. So grateful to have Hadley by my side every step of the way ❤️#mywife #july4wedding
  29. Today, I marry my best friend 💑 . 📸 by my buddy @chris_kitching.
  30. I’m happy to be your plus one 😉 #attendingweddingwithboyfriend #newlyweds
  31. When you see your boyfriend for the first time in his suit and you get that whole butterflies feeling in your stomach like you are at the start of an amazing fairytale.
  32. This weekend I’m heading to the beach for a weekend wedding with my boyfriend. Can’t wait to celebrate such a special day with him and all my family & friends! #newchicweddings
  33. Lips got me feeling like a bride today 💋👰🏼 #couplegoals @adrian_larry98
  34. You look so beautiful today. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you!
  35. What’s your best man doing?
  36. Best of Luck to the newlyweds’ life together 🤵👰
Caption for Attending Wedding with Boyfriend
Caption for Attending Wedding with Boyfriend
  1. Thanks for making it. It’s been so much fun. I had a good time too. We should do this again sometime. #wedding
  2. Photography by @jenpersephoto | Rarest Vintage Rentals | Florals by @roseandwisteria | Calligraphy by @hello.ellie | Dress by @harrysbridal | Invite by @ashbyand
  3. Putting a ring on it #thehappiestdayofmylife #youbetterlikeit #iwonthekiddingaroundwithurvow #larryswearyouwonthurtmetillidie
  4. I wasn’t sure what the future had in store for me…now suddenly I’m getting married! Now, I can’t wait to build a life with my best friend.
  5. Cobblestones in the city of lights ☀☕ #funinthesun #nywedding with my man
  6. Trying on my custom @littleblackdressusa for the big day! Can’t wait to marry my best friend. #lbdwedding
  7. Stag and I on our way to this weekend’s #wedding! Can’t wait for the perfect fall event. #happilyeverafter
  8. 😍 I can scarcely believe that after all these years we’re finally getting married… I know that at times during our long courtship you must have thought it was hopeless, but I remained confident that we would be together forever. And now
  9. You’re invited to our wedding. It’s going to be a party on Saturday the 12th at two o’clock in Tarry Town church. I’m putting together a little something for everyone. There will be coffee and cake, I’ll see
  10. Headed to an impromptu wedding (🙈😂) this Sunday in SF and wanted to let y’all know! It’s going to be a beach wedding so looking forward to some fun warm weather 🌞☀
  11. Here’s to the adventures we’ll have as husband and wife. ❤️ #happilyeverafter
  12. The time has come for Mary Jane’s and Angel’s T-shirts to get out of the closet and high heels to enter the closet until next summer.
  13. “I want to go back in time and give my 18 years old self a hug.” – Melanie Martinez
  14. Attending your best friend’s wedding or a social gathering and having a great time
  15. It’s #Wedding Weekend, and you know what that means: Time to glam up with your babe. 😍
  16. Hello, you’re looking handsome and I love your white beard! *ahem* Excuse me, Will you be my bridesman?
  17. The family is coming from out of town for your wedding! Tag them in with this cute picture and make sure to thank them for flying to see you!
  18. Feeling so lucky to share my life with this guy! 💕
  19. My best advice to bride and grooms is to laugh together, stay together #wedding #bride #groom ## wedding on your mind
  20. Perfect weather in the woods to celebrate the union of two best friends! 🌾 #engaged #engagementsession
  21. I’m so excited to finally be married and start our life together as one. We got into Capri no problem at all!
  22. Sprinkle in some fall plans for your year: ✨ A trip to Iceland ✨ Camping in Yellowstone ✨ An adventure with your boyfriend 💕
  23. I’ve had to pinch myself a few times, but it’s true: I’m really marrying this beautiful girl. 💍 #happilyeverafter
  24. Lucky in love…and bridesmaids dresses. This is way more fun than having my phone stolen. -_- #dancingwithmisterbowtie
  25. Hey! I’m going to the wedding and got a new dress. You would love it❤️
  26. Getting ready to walk down the aisle and remember to savour every moment. 💍
  27. Keep Calm and [couple’s name]’s Wedding #KeepCalmAndLovestory
  28. I wouldn’t usually wear white, but I’m making a bold statement today with this Parappa The Rapper tee 👕 #weddingsarefun
  29. Here’s to the groom and all the love he’s been shown tonight. Give him a big round of applause! 🍾
  30. There’s no place I’d rather be this weekend than with you. Here’s to a beautiful future full of all the little moments… ❤️ #Married
  31. I’ll never forget the look in your eyes when I said, “I do.” 😍
  32. We’re thrilled to introduce our friends, Jenna, and Scott as they officially begin their lives together. What an unforgettable day!

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Just find the perfect captions for yourself and enjoy, these are the best Caption for Attending Wedding with Boyfriend.