Captions for Attending Wedding with Family

80+ Cute Captions for Attending Wedding with Family in 2024

When you are at a wedding with your family, you definitely take photos and these photos are a huge part of the entire function. Today, we are going to share some ‘Captions for Attending Wedding with Family’. You can use these captions when you are posting those photos on Instagram or any other social media. 

Captions for Attending Wedding with Family

Here are the ‘Captions for Attending Wedding with Family’ for Instagram and other social media platforms. You can use them without any hesitation. 

  • That’s right. All of them. From my parents to both sets of grandparents to my siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews… everyone. I found my family—you found your soulmates.
  • My family, today and always. #weddingday #onthisdayin1962 #familyfirst
  • My family is there with me…no matter what. #yourewelcome #nofilter
  • Dear family and friends, thank you for sharing in our wedding celebration and for coming on this journey with us. #kateandmike
  • Sending you wishes on this momentous day and celebrating with you as we get to experience the joy and wonder of your marriage together. Now let’s have some cake!
  • It’s a beautiful time for us to gather and celebrate this happy event with everyone we love.
  • Be there in the moment that makes everyone present. Celebrate with your family and friends today and always.
  • It’s so rare to find a person who sees the world as exuberant as you. Cheers to celebrating your engagement, my love! 💍😍
  • Everyone that you love, together.
  • I dreamed I went to a wedding ♩And on my plate was a big pile of sashimi 🍣 He said, “Eat up before it’s too late. 🌊”
  • And then…you’ll tie the knot and become a family. 💍
  • We are the ones getting married, and this is our day.
  • This was a secretly awesome way to catch up with my family + friends this weekend #weddingsquad
  • Cannot wait to walk my daughter down the aisle when the time comes. #dadslove #weddingsareimportant
  • Our family is gathered together today not to celebrate our love for each other, but to witness the union of two other people who already share this love. Join us in wishing them their own true happiness.
  • We’re going to a wedding (and we’ve rented out the whole hotel) #brouhaha
  • I can’t wait to see my family this weekend for Dan and Bethany’s wedding. Anyone else going?
  • Family—they’re your heart, your home. And everyone who’s been with you from the very beginning. #familyisforever
  • When you finally realize your dad has great style. But then you also realize he wore this exact shirt to your cousin’s wedding last year ❄️
  • Here comes the bride😍💍 #familyplusone
  • Weddings are about connecting and cherishing the affection shared between two people. Love is in the air.
  • A wedding is the joining of two families… which means double the sides to choose from for Thanksgiving dinner! # 🍅
  • Wishing you the sweetest wedding day as you begin your future together. 💗💕
  • Bout to be a fun weekend! #wedding #familyandfriends #newbeginnings
  • Richard and I are so happy to have had our mothers there on this special day. We love you both so much. @username
  • That moment when the person you’ve been dating casually agrees to be your suitor. #ThrowbackWedding
  • Oh hey, long time no see…We’re here because we love you. And also because lets be honest, weddings are kind of a big deal. We’re all pretty damn proud of you my dude. 😉 #familymahem #
  • What a heartwarming time it is to be surrounded by family. Especially now, when everyone’s health is good and everyone’s happy. Here’s to another 20 years! Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! #Family #
  • Papa and mama made a beautiful bride and groom 🥂
  • We’re celebrating our son and his new wife ❤️ #WeddingBudget
  • Bridal party A @username #feelslikefamily
  • We love seeing all of the little cousins together for #lilovescousinswedding. What a beautiful day it was!
  • No matter the weather, I‘ll be there for you 🌥☔️#weddingweather #wedding
  • My Dad is getting married this weekend! Here’s to a lifetime of happiness for them 🍾 #FirstFamilyWedding
  • This wedding is going to be epic!
  • The flower girls were so good 💞
  • Grannie with the cake-smashing action. #family
  • They said we’d never last, but look at us now, two kids later, still going strong. #famisforever
  • Omg love you ❤️
  • My family has always dreamed of going to Disneyland together, but I never imagined going with my family. All of us will finally be attending my cousin’s wedding together in September.
  • It was an absolute pleasure to share this outdoor summer wedding with my family. Have a lovely day 🌻❤️
  • #Throwback to seeing the Bride and Groom after the Most Magical Day of Their Lives. 🌈
  • Feeling really grateful to be at this beautiful wedding with my family today 😊🇷🇺 #family #wedding ##
  • I’d like to toast to my sister who is getting married today. I couldn’t be happier for her! –DJ
  • If you’ve been to one wedding, you’ve been to one wedding, BUT if you have 50 cousins, there definitely isn’t a shortage of flower girls #bridesmaidproblems
  • It was so much fun to be a part of her special day!
  • Celebrating so many happy endings this weekend. #WeddingSeason
  • Looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding this weekend! Let’s celebrate 🎉🎂
  • Watching them walk down the aisle was breathtaking. 24 years of love and memories. Captured by @username. #hbpweddingday #taylorswedding2017
  • Family is the most important thing, and to show them how grateful you are for their love and support on your wedding day, make sure they take a photo together. 💎
  • Here comes the bride! Here comes the groom! And here comes the fam… #weddings#family#fun
  • Wait, is this a wedding or a family reunion? 😱 😜
Captions for Attending Wedding with Family
Captions for Attending Wedding with Family
  • I’ve got a blank space, and I’m putting all of our names in it. #wedding
  • By golly, look at those good-looking people. I haven’t seen this many smiling faces since we found out Uncle Gary was going to give us his frequent flyer miles.
  • Live in the moment and let go of your nerves. Be here now, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate with the people you love most. As one of our guests, you’ll have
  • Just finished putting together my look for tonight’s wedding – can’t wait to see my brother get hitched ❤️
  • Cousins are like siblings you choose and we’re all so lucky to have the crazy bunch of you in our own families! Here’s to a weekend where laughter and love reigns supreme🥂 #familyfirst
  • What an honor to have my family with me on this special day as I #SayIdo.‬ ‪#‎TheFranks‬
  • Hi! I’m here at my cousin’s (who’s my age) wedding. Should we be doing some kind of dance? – Me, writing this caption before the ceremony.🙋🏾‍♂️ # wedding #
  • Thrilled to be featured in the #Luxuryweddings magazine! We had so much fun planning the day with my family. Now let’s party. 💃🏼 #luxuryweddings #familycomesfirst
  • Being with family for the big day is so wonderful. This is my sister on her wedding day in Lahaina, Hawaii. 🌸
  • Mom and Dad, as hilarious as you are together | #family #wedding
  • They say some things are the way they are because of the order they came in. It’s true. My older brother wed his high school sweetheart 37 years ago this week. I was their maid of honor, and my younger sister has that same
  • Uncle Gary + Aunt Mary have been together forever, so you know they’re going to last.
  • So happy to celebrate with the Baxter crew today… @bhbaxter #bhbaxterwedding
  • Love is in the air ⚡️. Last weekend we celebrated my brother and his fiancée at their wedding 💑. And now time for a well-deserved break at #vikingsvikki 😎 Once you start the celebrations you
  • Say 👨‍👩‍👧 with us. We have exclusive events and wedding collections that are perfect for your special day.
  • Family is the closest thing we have to magic.‬ ‪☀
  • Today, give thanks to everyone you cherish in your life—especially the family and friends who help you celebrate the milestones that really matter.
  • Every family has its own traditions around saying “I do,” but one thing they all have in common is how beautiful it is to see the bride and groom start their new lives together.
  • Family is everything We choose our friends, but family chooses us. #wedding #family #specialday
  • When you’re going to the wedding of the family member who has everything, and she’s not even sure if her registry is complete yet.
  • My favorite person in the whole world is getting married. I can’t wait for you to meet his #soulmate Soon, Auntie J 😍 #weddingtime 💒
  • A wedding brings generations of friends and family together in celebration.
  • We’re having as much fun planning your big day as you are. Make sure you take a moment to savor the magic before it’s over.
  • Wedding season is here! We want you to have fun and make memories. Be sure to share your special day with Bridesmaids: The Musical ⬇️
  • Enjoying an afternoon with loved ones is one of our favorite things. Making new memories with the people who matter most. The weekend is almost here, what are you up to?
  • Getting ready for the most important day of our lives ❤ We are so excited and grateful for all of the love and support that has been given to us. Thank you for being a special part of our family. We can’t wait to
  • When you walk down the aisle with your dad. #BallmerFamily #wedding @username @username

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