Captions for Baby Pictures on Instagram

200+ Cute Captions for Baby Pictures on Instagram in 2024

We’ve got a huge collection of ‘Captions for Baby Pictures on Instagram’. These are the perfect wordings for your cute baby photos. When you are uploading your kid’s sweet and loving photo, you can use these beautiful captions. 

These ‘Captions for Baby Pictures on Instagram’ are very sweet and loving. Everyone will find them cute. So you can use these captions on your Instagram or Facebook photos. Also, they are a good option to use in WhatsApp status. 

Captions for Baby Pictures on Instagram

  • You’re toooo cute to have a frowny face. Have an awesome day! #baby #cutie #cutenessoverload
  • Get your daily baby fix.
  • Getting to snuggle, kiss, and squish my babies is one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood. Thank you all for sharing your cuddles with me. ❤️ #becomingparents
  • Growing up in a big family means the baby gets to wear, hold and touch a lot of babies. Love that!
  • Baby, you make me happy, baby you make me blue… Looks like someone’s talking about you, little baby. Haha! 🙈
  • Caught my little one crackin’ a smile. – – This will be my favorite age forever 😁
  • Little Fox. Little hug. Little love. This is my life now.
  • I’m #caughtredhanded eating cake 🎂  😋
  • What a bright little ray of sunshine you are. 😍
  • What a sweet life it’s been.
  • Love my baby 👶 #cutebaby #baby
  • The cuteness 👶 of baby animals is the true meaning of “awww”.
  • The cutest pics of celebs and their little ones 😯
  • The first 12 months of a baby’s life should be celebrated. Welcome the little one with this exclusive bundle of joy — available for a limited time only!
  • We think it’s never too early to start an adventure #AdventureBeginsWithBaby
  • We’re making a very cute noise over here! 🚨P.S. Those are @username and her hubby’s voices, not ours 😉 ##
Captions for Baby Pictures on Instagram
Captions for Baby Pictures on Instagram
  • 1–3 months
  • No need to wonder what we’re doing today—we’re doing it together. 😘 #sisterbonding
  • Anytime is a good time for dessert. #NoExcuses 🍦
  • You have to face the facts that one day you’ll be a person who wears shoes – Wyatt
  • Cutest. #ootd of the year . 😅 #cutebabies
  • Took my little nephew out for a walk and taught him how to take pictures with my camera 🙈📸 #cutebaby #cutesnaps
  • This bean is small but mighty. #BeanOverBacon: This adorable baby who won’t stay quiet ─ he definitely has a thing or two to say about his new pureed BABYFOOD! *
  • These little guys bring us so much joy #baby
  • Little face, big heart! 😍 #babygirl
  • Eighty tiny fingers, eighty tiny toes. Dad jokes, mom texts. We all look forward to when our little ones are born.
  • You’re so adorable! *kiss*
  • Behold our little #BabyGator, who’s about to grow up and wreak havoc across the Swamp. Think she can handle next season? #Gators #GoGators
  • Being a mom is like no other job. It’s irreplaceable, incredibly rewarding, and totally hilarious.
  • You’re not just a little miracle, you’re our little miracle. Happy baby shower 🙏🏻

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Captions for Baby Daughter Pictures on Instagram

  • (Baby girl sound) Oh yes, we’re so crazy about her. She has the most beautiful smile and always knows just what to say to make us smile from ear to ear. #SheMakesUsSmile #BabyGirl
  • We can’t get enough of baby Mila’s sweet attitude lately, especially her “chunky monkey” smiles 👼 #babygirl #chunkymonkey
  • Love my little pumpkin #babygirl
  • It’s #nationalbabyhairday ! Why do you love baby hair? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • I love taking pictures of my sweet little ones. They are a bundle of wonder and they always let me get away with posting 50 pics on Instagram.
  • I’ll be a good girl. #mydaughter
  • sweetpea: mommy wants to hold you but she can’t. 💋
  • A sleepy baby overhears a conversation about her future. _19 more days until your first bee sting 😰🐝
  • #Daddysgirl #MyFirstRealDress
  • How to get a 5-star review from your baby.
  • Waking up to her big brown eyes is the best part of my day. #DaddysGirl
  • Mommy and Me are already planning your first Halloween costume. What will it be? 🎃 
  • It’s a girl 💕 We can’t wait for all the adventures in store for Elle 🌺😃 #finaldaysofsummer
  • Good morning gorgeous, I miss that cute face of yours 💋 We’re home, safe and sound👌🏼
  • Think of yourself as a baby, find ways to love your body unconditionally. Today you can do anything.
  • Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can. #cutiepie #bestdadsintheworld #pumpkinspicecookies
  • So excited to be a daddy again! Follow along on our Instagram as we finish out our last few weeks of pregnancy and welcome our baby girl. (You know, the important parts) 🚑🌸🤰🏼
  • This is the face that waits for you when you get home from work.
  • I’ve got my folks all lined up. 💕💕
  • When you’re out of cookies, but you still want to git fudged up. Seee what I did there?
  • Everybody say cheese! Say Mommy. Say thanks to mommy for taking this photo with my cute little baby daughter and I. Baby, post this on Instagram and tag me in it so everyone can see. Thank you mommy and I love you
  • Is there anything cuter than a baby girl?
  • My baby girl is too cute! 👶
  • My baby niece 👶 learning how to blow bubbles for the first time 😍.
  • How can you not love her to the moon and back? 😍😘 #babygirl
  • Babies are the best. They say the cutest things, then cram their fingers in their mouths like little PacMen.
  • My little pumpkin is 7 months today 🎃👶🏻 #babylove #babybumps #babygirl ##sweetlilangel
  • The most precious moments in life are the ones we never plan. #nocentdaughte r
  • Welcome to the world Luca! 💖
  • This one’s for you. I can’t wait to meet you.
  • We don’t go a day without laughing #funnybaby #funnykids
  • Done sitting in the nursery. Time to explore this great big world #babygirl #toddlerlife
  • So cute 🥰
  • Life moves at a different pace here. #tbt [Throwback Thursday] to this precious baby, who’s 5 years old now.
  • Being a dad is the greatest adventure of all 👶 Happy Father’s Day to our dads out there.
  • Daddy’s little climber.
  • Hey there, sweetheart. Every day with you is like the first. Love you bunches and bunches. 💙
  • Sometimes even the stork gets it wrong. Did you ever put a baby on the doorstep and knocked? It didn’t work this time. 🍼
  • this-is-the-year-of-me-mama #thisyearofme #itsmyyear
  • ©Happy_Plugs @username

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Captions for Baby Son Pictures on Instagram

  • I have a cute little son. My baby is so cute.
  • Today my baby boy is a month old!! ugh, I love him so much!!! ❤️😍
  • Watching my little man sleep feels like a drug that cures all of life’s troubles. Whenever I worry about the world, whether it’s politics or money or health or mortality, I just check in with his chubby old cheeks
  • Tick, tock. No pressure, just a little clock-watching from us to you—today’s the day. 🎁 #baby #life
  • That precious moment when you are just holding your baby and she looks up at you in a way that makes your heart explode.
  • He didn’t want to sleep for his 4 monthly photo. 😅
  • Happy first Father’s Day, Dad 🎈☀
  • Eeeeeee! Look at that face 😍 What a sweet little pumpkin you are, yes you are! 🎃
  • Despite what their parents may say, these kids know which food is best. #sweetpotatoes 🥔 #pumpkins 😹
  • Just a spoonful of sugar makes the 🎂 burst with flavor. #ilovemyhubby
  • A baby boy is a bundle of joy. Enjoy his early days as you watch him grow into a smart, funny, and beautiful man.
  • Oh wee oh, we go from baby boy to man child in 6 short years. We love you and couldn’t be happier that you are my son. #HappyFathersDay
  • The baby boy was enjoying the start of his second 3 weeks with a huge smile on his face.
  • I can’t get enough of his squishy cheeks and his little wittle nose. #cuteness #squishy #babysquishface
  • ♡Happy 10th birthday to my handsome little man! You are the best son a mommy could ask for. You make me laugh every day and I wouldn’t want to spend life with anyone else. I love you, ♥Momma
  • Baby update: he loves bath time and playing in the leaves. Getting down on all fours, scooping up a handful of leaves, and then saying “Yay!” is one of his new favorite activities.
Captions for Baby Son Pictures on Instagram
Captions for Baby Son Pictures on Instagram
  • Happy Father…Day to this little guy. Hello 👶👶#throwbackthursday to a post I wrote a few years ago…staying home with your new baby has some advantages. Like more snuggling, breastfeeding, and less
  • Moments that make you smile from ear to blessed ear.
  • It’s cheesy, but I just love jokes 😂😂😂
  • And then he smiled. And melted her 💙
  • I’m in your lifestyle—and I’m very adorable.
  • Making memories with my baby boy. 💙
  • Babies and balloons 🎈 👶#momlife
  • Check out the new arrival in our family. ☺️ #babyboy
  • We lost track of time and really just fell in love with this new little one. Sure, we’re a little biased, but as the days go by and he warms our hearts, we can’t help but share him with all of you.
  • Oh baby, now you’re my everything. Welcome to this big family. We’re so excited to meet you 💕 #prateek
  • My heart is full. I love you my sweet boy 😍 #itstimeforabath #babybeibehindthecamera
  • This little guy thinks he’s big and tough. But he is SO soft. #nationalmascupday
  • Hello, new baby. 👶
  • Not getting enough sleep tonight and somehow feeling friskier and happier than I ever have. #motherhood

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Captions for Baby Nephew Pictures on Instagram

  • They grow up too fast #babynephew
  • Thanks for being such a good baby brother to your new baby sister 👶
  • BOOM ❤😋 #baby #cute
  • 💙 Happy 1st Birthday! 🍰 We love you so much, precious little man. We’re so proud to be your aunt and uncle.
  • Smile nephew smile
  • This little baby 🏆 is ready for his first 🏈 game and we’re 100% here for it. #GoBears⚪️
  • Give a warm welcome to your new little one by crafting an adorable nursery with our chic baby bedding, or dressing up the big kids’ rooms with matching featured boys’ and girls’ kid wall decor.
  • Coffee snobs, that is. Baby Dominic was so tickled when my brother showed him the guitar-shaped coffee harp last weekend that he broke out into laughter. The little guy is already a pro at nailing acoustics—
  • He’s growing up way too fast. Happy birthday buddy 🎂
  • Say “cheese” 🤰 #cousinslove
  • Perfect for when you post your new baby nephew
  • Hi baby! #nephewftw
  • Hey nephew, I said hey… Look at that dusty paw!😂 #nephew #cousin #baby #cutecommute ##
  • Happy birthday to the world’s most perfect nephew! These days, all of you can’t get any cuter—but the fact that I’ll always have one year to beat is a pretty nice problem to have. Hope your day is full of fun
  • Meet baby Miller. This smiling little one is my nephew (and the youngest Maddie sibling). His smile—and his resemblance to my brother and me—told us that he’s one happy boy! Hope you’re blessed with an
  • Baby #3 is on his way! Our family is growing so fast and I can’t wait to meet this new addition to our wild crew. @username Congratulations @username and Best Buy!
  • I love you so much. Big hugs and kisses. 💙❤️ Your favorite aunt. #BabyFirstConversations
  • So sweet, soft, precious, and squeezable!
  • Hanging on to summer… #newborn #niece
  • I see someone who will carry the family legacy proudly 👶 #mckinneymckee #baby
  • A baby boy, A caption that shows how cute the baby is and that it looks like his sister or mom
  • Houston, we have a problem. My baby nephew is too cute! 
  • Instead of saying “I miss you” show a picture of your cute nephew 💘 ❤️
  • When your baby brother steals the show at your annual family photo 😤 #LittleNephewAppreciationDay
  • I’m so lucky to be your Uncle! Ok… one more before I put you back to bed. You’re my favorite nephew in the WHOLE WORLD!
  • Ah! The best feeling is when I pick up my niece from the sitter and she wraps her arms around me. I can hardly finish writing this caption because she is about to walk through the door any second. She’s picking me up
  • Little one, you’re going to make some girl very happy someday. Here’s to your future wife because she will be a lucky woman indeed! ❤️

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Captions for Baby Niece Pictures on Instagram

  • Cuteness Countdown: 1 week until curly-haired baby niece arrives.
  • Cutest. Baby. Ever. Her first day of life: 9 lbs, 5 oz! #niece
  • Beautiful niece of mine…I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. ❤ #cousinlove
  • We know it’s hard to be quiet when you meet your new niece. Luckily, she’s great at giving kisses. # CutiePatooties
  • Ready for some family pics? 👶🏻 #niece #cousinsofinstagram #babycuteness
  • This is my niece Ella Rose at 9 months old. She’s just a beauty, and everyone who meets her immediately falls in love. I want you to see how sweet she is in this photo. This picture captures the sweet moment when
  • Older than I expected to be before holding my first niece. But she’s perfect. – John Mayer
  • 💕 Babies stealing your heart every day. Happy #NationalNieceDay from my nephew ☺ @username
  • Awwwww  #cutenessoverload
  • I created the cutest little human #cousinlove
Captions for Baby Niece Pictures on Instagram
Captions for Baby Niece Pictures on Instagram
  • Hi baby! We’re so proud of our favorite little niece, Camila. She’s turning one on the day of Thanksgiving! We can’t wait to celebrate the whole family at the table this year. Happy birthday sweet
  • We’re cousins! #babycousins ## weeks old
  • I love the smell of baby powder. It reminds me of my sweet niece & her mom’s hugs. # . #
  • This little miss is going to have so much fun this summer, no matter what she ends up doing. Hope your weekend is as cute as she is! 😻 #cousins
  • She’s a sweetie pie 🙂
  • She has just started to smile. She is a born mischief-maker, charming one thou. Love her as I do 💞💕
  • We are so grateful to welcome Baby Olivia Louise to the world today! Mom Bianca is doing great and everyone is overjoyed at this new addition. To meet Olivia feel free to stop by our restaurant located at 1525 4th St., Boulder


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