Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram

100+ Best and Cute Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram

Searching for the perfect caption to go along with the most adorable sleeping dog picture? Look no further! We’ve put together a collection of some of the best and cutest ‘Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram’ sure to warm your heart. Wake up your Instagram followers with these priceless images combined with beautiful words that will make them want to hit “like” over and over again!

Sleeping Dog Captions

  • #doggonen sleepy #time movement my little #napper.
  • Always innocent #sleepingdogstagram
  • Dozing off with my best friend by my side #sleepingdog
  • Time for a nap #dogsofinstagram
  • A little development update: say hello to my newest sleeping partner 💤 #cutedogs
  • Sweet dreams 🐶
  • Can’t resist a good snooze with my furry friend 😍 #cutedog
  • This little cutie is sure to make your day! #sleepingdog #cutedog
  • We all need our beauty sleep! # 8hrs
  • I’m not a morning person, but this guy always makes me smile. #dogsofinstagram
  • Getting my daily dose of cuteness from this little sleeper!
  • Best way to wake up ✨
  • Passed out after a long day of playing fetch #doggo
  • Dogs never really have bad days. #CuteSleepingDog
Sleeping Dog Captions
Sleeping Dog Captions

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  • This little cutie is so zen #sundayvibes
  • What better way to start the day than with a cuddle from this little cutie #dogsofinstagram #sleepingdog
  • Just another day in paradise #dogsofInstagram #dogs leaves #sleepingdog
  • Sleepy dog = snoozing in the sun #cutedog
  • Sleepy pup #cute #dog
  • Sleeping dog = happiness 🙂
  • Tried to wake him up but he’s just too lazyyyyy #sleepingbeauty
  • Waking up to this little ball of fluff is the best part of my day!
  • Finally caught a good photo of my pupper zonked out #dogsofinstagram
  • Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this sleeping cutie #dogsofinstagram
  • Taking a nap with my best friend #doggo
  • Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this little cutie #puppylove
  • Puppy cuddles are the best kind of cuddles. #puppyoftheday
  • One tired pup 🐶 #nofilter
  • Sweet dreams, cutie! 😴 #dogsofinstagram
  • Just another day in #Nashville with my furry friend 😍

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Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram

  • It’s a ruff life, but someone’s gotta do it 🐶 #cutedog
  • Meeting my new best friend today 🐶
  • Sleeping beauty #dogsofinstagram
  • I may not be able to quiet down my brain at night, but at least I have this little cutie to help me relax. #SleepingDog
  • Introduction of newest family member: meet maya the bulldog
  • Sleep sweet, puppy. #naptime
  • #cute #sleepingdog
  • Sinatra sleeps through anything. #LA
  • Taking a nap with my favorite sleepy dog #cute #goodnight
  • Max the doggo, feeling sleepy after a busy day of napping and exploring
  • Found a new sleeping buddy 🐶 #RescueDog
  • Best sleepover buddy ever #ootd
  • With a face this cute, how could anyone resist taking a little nap? 😴 #cutesleepingdog
  • This little cutie is my new #sleepingdog! He’s such a good cuddler 😍
  • A dog’s life is a simple life #sleepingdog
  • Snoozing through the afternoon sun #justanotherday
  • This doggo looks soooo cozy and content!!! #dogsofinstagram #sleepingdog #cutedog
  • Puppy love #sleepingdog
  • u sleepy boi 😴
  • Tired dog = tired me #naptime
  • Zzzzz #cutedog
  • Finally caught my neighbor’s dog taking a nap! #sleepingbeauty
  • This little dog is living his best life #sleepingdoggo
  • I never wake up this early but woke up early today to see the sunrise with my new dog. best start to the day!
  • This little one is exhausted from all the midday play! #furbaby #dogsofinstagram
  • My little watchdog lp kp #sleepingdoggy #cutedog
  • Life is better with a sleeping dog by your side 💕

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Funny Sleeping Dog Captions

  • Have you ever seen something so cute? 😍 #sleepingdog #cutedog
  • Time to snuggle up with my favorite little sleeping dog #lovehim
  • I’m not lazy, I’m on vacation mode. #sleepingdog
  • ZZZzzzz….. #cutedog
  • Breeds that can sleep through anything: pugs, bulldogs, golden retrievers, future Narcolepsy victors
  • Still haven’t found a pillow that’s as comfy as my old one. #sleepingdog
  • This little one is just too cute! #sleepingdog
  • Zoo got boring so I lured a dog inside with a kong stuffed with peanut butter.
  • Ready for my close-up 📷 #nofilter
  • This little guy is such a heavy sleeper! #snoozingdog
  • Awoken by a noise, hungover AF. #dogsofinstagram #notype #sundayfunday
  • Tried to wake up my Sleeping Beauty this morning but she was not having it 😴 #repeatoffender
  • Puppy snoozing = Puppy snoring # dogsOfInstagram
  • Just another day in #dogtown 🐶 #letsgonap
  • I’m not lazy, I’m just taking a break #nofilter
  • I wouldn’t mind taking a nap with this cutie 😴 #sleepingdog #cutedog
  • Yawning because life is just too doggone cute #SleepySunday
  • Already missing this little cuddle bug #dogsleep
  • Pup-posting session #4: caught this little guy sleeping on the job. Better luck next time, buddy!
  • I call this pose “puppy loofah” #dogsofinstagram
  • Got my new sleeping buddy all cuddled up! #cute #dogs
  • I’m not lazy, I’m resting my eyes.

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Short Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram

  • If this dog could talk, he’d probably tell us to stop taking pictures of him and let him sleep. #cute #sleepingdog
  • Just another day in #dogtown 🐶 #zzz
  • Just another day in paradise #sleepingdog
  • Tired pup. Los Angeles to Nashville = donezo. #trackdays
  • My sleeping dog is so cute, I could just eat him up! #dogsofinstagram
  • If only naps were as enthusiastic as this pup. #SleepySunday
Short Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram
Short Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram

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  • I’m not lazy, I’m a dog person. #DogSleep
  • goals
  • Tried to wake up my sleeping dog this morning, but she just wouldn’t budge. #lazy
  • Dogs catchin Zs #zzz
  • Time to wake up and smell the coffee #dogsofinstagram
  • Can’t reach the snooze button? just get a puppy 🐶
  • Passed out after a long day of playing fetch 🐶 #tiredpuppy
  • Trying to stay awake for my owner like… #dogsofinstagram #nosesonthegrindstone
  • Time to wake up and bark at the moon!
  • Dozing off with my furry BFF 😴 #bestfriends #dogsleep
  • My dog always snores so loud that I can’t sleep. But I still love her! #cutedog #sleepingdog
  • By day, this little guy is a super sexy dog model. By night… he’s a sleepwalker. 😉 #pupsofinstagram
  • Just another day in #doggy heaven 🐶
  • If this dog can sleep through a thunderstorm, you can definitely make it through your day. #sleepingdog #thunderstorm

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Cute Sleeping Dog Captions 

  • Finally getting some shut eye #dogsofinstagram
  • Byeeeee, California! Hello, #Nashville ☺️
  • I’m not lazy, I’m just exquisitely reclined. #doglovers
  • Slept through the entire storm #dogsofinstagram
  • Curled up and dreaming of a world without squirrels. #goodnight
  • 🐾 Sweet dreams, little one! #sleepy dog #cutedog
  • Sleeping beauty #cutedog
  • New #nashville decided to take a nap. 😴
  • This little sleeping dog is just too cute! #dogs #cute
  • My neighbor’s dog is the cutest! She always falls asleep in the sun. #doglife #naptime
  • Taking a little break with my new best friend.
  • zzzz…🐶
  • Up all night, sleeping all day #dogsofinstagram
  • Sweet dreams, little one. #cutedog
  • Take a nap and recharge your batteries like this cute pup! #PuppyLove
  • This little pup is just too cute for words 😍
  • Max the french bulldog enjoying his morning snooze #sundayvibes
  • Taking a nap with my favorite sleepy head 👶🏼 #dogsofinstagram
  • Max, the cuddly sleeper #dog
  • I’m a dog, but I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming of being a software engineer.

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